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Born in France in 1957, Manuel was introduced to sailing at a very early age and he developed a particular taste for it as he grew up. At age thirty, during a several years trip, he discovered watercolour and drawing. He became a self taught watercolorist inspired by the beauty of nature and whose sensibility has been heighten since he’s been having a different look up to the world. Learning photography became the initial stage of Manuel’s drawing and painting achievement. He believes technical learning is an endless, long and exacting job. But he thinks a painter doesn’t come down to achieving a technical perfection. A painter is like a photographer: above all, a viewfinder, someone with a particular way of looking at the world. Tropics have become his inspiration land and he’s always lying in wait for seizing its beauty. He isn’t weary of its light and its spontaneity. That is why his paintings are appreciated. He settled in the French West Indies, always on board his sailing boat, in which he paints. Maybe because it keeps him in touch with the vibrations of the world and…closer to the stars.